Copyright Law

Today’s technology has changed the face of Copyright Law and has expanded into areas we would have never imagined.  The Law Offices of Karen J. Bernstein, LLC is her to help you navigate through the intricacies of copyright law in the Digital Era.

We handle all aspects of creative copyright law such as:

  • Filing copyright applications
  • Drafting Work for Hire agreements
  • Preparing and responding to DMCA take down notices
  • Negotiating copyright licenses
  • Conducting and providing opinions on clearance searches for film, television, and music

For information concerning the fees for filing a Copyright registration, please contact The Law Offices of Karen J. Bernstein, LLC today.

The Law Offices of Karen J. Bernstein, LLC is a boutique law firm based in Manhattan. We offer a full range of legal services, sometimes at a flat rate, related to branding of products and businesses, including prosecution and litigation of domestic and international trademarks and service marks. We strive to give value and attention to our clients in a number of ways.

We counsel on selection, use, registration, protection, enforcement, licensing, and transfers of marks and trade names.