In October of 2011, was put up for sale by its owner, and it was brokered by New York based domain name and IP attorney Karen J. Bernstein. I put up a poll at the time asking the value of the domain name, and about 30% of those who responded thought it was worth less than $10,000, although I am quite sure the price was much higher. While the domain name had value due to its descriptive nature, the Occupy movement certainly increased its value tremendously.

At the beginning of this year, it was reported that had sold for an undisclosed sum. According to an article on a few weeks ago, “Filmmaker David Sauvage co-founded with film producer Larry Taubman after they purchased the domain “for a large confidential sum” to give voice to Occupy activists.”

As the Occupy movement prepares for its May 1st day of action across the United States, it appears that has launched as a home base online for the Occupy movement. The “Alpha” version of contains quite a bit of information about the movement and its events. The site appears to have launched in early April.

It will be interesting to watch the website evolve.

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